Our Service Standards

Our aim is to deliver the ultimate legal service for our clients. Client satisfaction is our primary concern, and we need to be mindful of the communication and the service we supply. Our four main corner stones will be:


Our aim is to be transparent and informative.  Every client will receive a welcome call at the beginning to explain what will happen and what they need to do.  All verbal communication throughout the process will be followed up with ‘plain English’ written communication.  We intend to be proactive in our approach and will make clear our charges and any additional expenses to avoid any surprises.

We charge a fixed fee so we are not clocking the hours we work on your case. We are more concerned that you get the help you require and we don’t want you to feel that you can’t ask a question at the risk of it costing you more in fees.

Quality of work

All calls will be monitored and measured against our call standards.  Legal work will be checked and monitored against our internal and external compliance procedures.  We will have standardised processes and procedures, which will be adhered to for all matters.

Speed of delivery

We will always be proactive in our processes by assessing risks appertaining to clients and their matters, and by undertaking checks and performing searches as early as possible so as to prevent later delays.

Client Feedback

Every client will have the option to rate the individual who dealt with their case, the company, and to suggest any improvements we could make. We will monitor, analyse, and act upon the feedback received.

Our Customer Charter

Bespoke- every customer is individual so we tailor our service accordingly.

Efficient- we will ensure customer focus and deliver quality service.

Trust- we will work tirelessly to protect your interests.

Honesty- we will keep you informed at every stage of your case.

Environmentally- we work hard to reduce our carbon footprint.

Brave – ask for feedback to always improve.

Evolve – never stand still, always look at implementation of new technology.  

Stress-free- we will ensure throughout the process we will communicate and handle your case with care.

Transparent- we will be open with you right from the beginning about your case and associated costs.