Legal issues aren’t about law, they are about people…with  legal issues. No other law firm delivers the kind of  personal service that Legal Forever do. We choose to make it personal, we visit, keep you constantly informed and carefully guide you on all matters from equity release to wills and probate.  When it comes to people and law…no one does  it better

Why choose us

Our experienced team of conveyancers will ensure they are always acting in your best interest from instruction through to completion. 

We offer competitive prices and are transparent with you from the onset. 

We are committed to helping you understand what is going on with your case so we will take out the time to explain any complexities.

Our specialisation

We are a dedicated equity release conveyancing specialist. This means that our team of solicitors and support staff are 100% committed to your case, with no other distractions

What others say about us

‘I have found Forever Legal both friendly and professional in dealing with my Equity Release mortgage cases.

The process to instruct is simple and the charges are extremely competitive in the market place.’

‘I instructed them on 3 separate cases in one week and all 3 proceeded smoothly and quickly to completion with no dramas what so ever. I would not hesitate to use them on future cases.’

“Forever Legal provide my clients with a very efficient and competitively priced service. Its great to work with a conveyancer that understands equity release and gets things done quickly.”

We have been very impressed with Forever Legal, and our customers are delighted at the level of service they provide and the efficiency in which they do it.

As a business we want to work with firms that deliver great service, quick completion times and can handle volume. Forever Legal deliver on all of these.

“I would add that I was at first wary of the approach by Forever Legal as it was uncommon to its peers.  However, a turn of events on one of my deals prompted me to “take the plunge” with Forever Legal as I did like what I was told and needed a test case.  I am glad to say I took the opportunity and have been extremely impressed with Forever Legal.  The ability to work fast and efficiently, and keep me informed regularly is such a simple thing which so many fail to do.  I have already given Forever Legal more of my cases now I am confident in their abilities.”

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